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The world is moving at an incredible pace. Maybe you are too.

That can be a good thing until you discover that you’ve lost yourself in your career, material pursuits, and endless family obligations that have left you exhausted, unhappy, empty. When that happened to me, I started thinking about meaningful work, the real value of my efforts and the legacy I was creating through the decisions that I make in my life every day – essentially the way I choose to live my life right now.

Yoga has always been special to me.

Being a yoga teacher is somewhat unconventional for someone of my background. International MBA. Investment Professional. High Achiever. High Impact Gym Rat. But I have come to embrace yoga as an effective method for keeping me centered, for taking care of my body AND my mind allowing me to make appropriate decisions at work and at home. My background allows me to teach others like me from a place of ‘having been there’.

I worked very hard to establish the best career that I could imagine in a lucrative, exclusive investment niche sought after by the best and brightest. Despite my successes I still ended up feeling unsettled and discontent much of the time and my back was always injured. I discovered that I had given my heart and soul over to the business and lost the subtle nuances of my personality, creativity, humor, softness and sensitivity. And I didn’t really like this tough, hard-charging person all that much. Yoga (and my son!) have helped me to slow down, to find calm in the storm of life and choose peace. And I’m in the best shape of my life! From this new, centered place I will shine.

You might be thinking that for some reason your path in life is not consistent with being a yogi. But doesn’t it make sense for anyone, for everyone even, to discover their highest potential in life?

I invite you to step onto your mat and begin your discovery with me….